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The I3 Connectivity Explorer is the broadband visualization tool for anyone who knows that her or his broadband options are limited and wants to improve their situation. Read more about it, view an introductory video, or create an account and get started! There's a new guide to help!

What's new in this release?

13 August 2019

  • Fixed lookup on tribal regions in Hawaii.

4 August 2019

  • Fixed broken links.

28 July 2019

  • New page listing all data sources to the Learn menu.

  • Revised the Edit page for Notebooks.

  • The bulk of this release consists of internal improvements.

3 July 2019

  • Updated M-Lab queries to access revised Speed Test tables.

  • New Resources menu.

  • Typographic cleanups and clarifications.

19 June 2019

  • New data sources from the Department of Education (NCES/CCD, NCES/PSS, NCES/IPEDS) and the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS), Public Library Survey.

  • Schools and libraries appear on map layers. Click on a pin to see more information!

  • New summary tables for ACS Internet Subscription Characteristics and ACS Computing Devices in the Home.

  • New summary table for common demographics.

  • State vs. Local M-Lab Speed Test comparisons.

  • New entries on the Resources page from NTIA and NDIA.

  • User interface and database improvements.